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Welcome to the international congress and trade-fair city of Munich!

"Munich glows". This is how Thomas Mann described the aura of the city. The Bavarian capital exudes beauty and quality of life. Residents and visitors appreciate the warmth and charm of Bavarian hospitality.

An attractive combination of innovation and tradition

The Bavarian capital represents an attractive combination of tradition and innovation. Munich is known for preserving essential values and acting progressively at the same time. The city has become an international paradigm of high technology and mobility. The Bavarian capital is considered an extremely attractive and safe destination with world-famous highlights and many recreational activities in the city and throughout the region.

Economic power internationally

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Munich is a strong business location, offering perfect conditions for the success of your event. In various rankings, the Bavarian center for business, media and research is top of the list. Within Germany, it is the metropolis with the greatest economic strength.

Even by European standards of economic growth, the prosperity of Munich wins a place in the top three. The Bavarian capital ranks among the top ten cities worldwide for mobility.

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Perfect infrastructure

Flugzeug am Flughafen München

Munich's public infrastructure is one of the most efficient in the world. The city on the Isar is home to Germany's second largest airport and one of the most important hubs in European air traffic. Thanks to numerous continental and intercontinental destinations, guests from around the world can reach the Bavarian capital by direct flight.

The public transport network, both within the city and the surrounding area, is also highly developed. Another strong point of Munich is safety. By international comparison, the city itself and the entire region is extremely safe.

To further strengthen the prominent position of the Isar metropolis, Messe München and the City of Munich have implemented an integrated and comprehensive marketing campaign to further develop the location.

Culture and Leisure

Münchner Biergarten

"What could be said about Munich other than that it is a kind of paradise? In fact, this city is a dream come to life. It is not easy to fathom why this city has such a seductive effect. In Munich, you feel the whole thing more than you see it. Hence the attraction and magic of this city."(Adapted from Thomas Wolfe, American author)

The Bavarian capital offers visitors innumerable attractions and cultural highlights. These include the German Museum, the Olympic Stadium, the Bavaria Film Studios and famous art galleries. In the surrounding area the Alps, crystal-clear lakes and the fairy tale castles of King Ludwig II are beckoning. Your visitors can enjoy Bavarian hospitality in world-class restaurants, pubs, cafés and bars and, weather permitting, the world famous outdoor beer gardens of course.

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